Hello thrivers!

What if you had the power to control ALL your life

This isn't just a workshop; it's a journey to ignite the fire within you, to take control of your narrative.

Imagine a world where you hold the reins to your destiny, where the power to shape your life lies within you. What if we told you that over the course of a few hours, you could bring down the walls that have been holding you back and change your life forever?

Welcome to the IGNITE Workshop, hosted by a powerful team who have Overcome the challenges they embody!

In this transformative journey, you’ll delve into the Past, Present, and Future, while gaining skills that empower, inspire, and set you on the path to a thriving life.

Introduction: Reflecting on tHE past

Understanding the Power of the Past

Workshop 1:Healing and Self-Forgiveness

Techniques for Self-Forgiveness

Workshop 2: Thriving in the Present and Preparing for the Future

Building Resilince & Navigating Obstacles with Resilience

Workshop 3: Crafting Your Future Vision

Visualisation & Identifying Resources and Support Systems

About the Organisers


The Flow Master Leading expert in Restorative Justice, Victim Support and has appeared on BBC, ITV and a number of outlets advocating for victims of crime.
Rainbow has a powerful message from the other side, as he died on the side of the road, and was revived at the surgeons table.


Coach and Bob Proctor Life Success Consultant: creator of the Nguzo Method, she guides determined, strong women to transform challenges into success. Ignite intentional living and embrace a journey of purpose.

Host/Therapist/ Psychologist

Our 3rd Host is carefully selected and we have a new host each Workshop that is a specialist in their field. She is announced prior to the month's workshop but always promises to bring a fresh, beautiful energy to our Thrivers.

Reviews from past Thrivers

The Ignite Workshop was a game-changer for my personal and professional life. The blend of insightful sessions and the supportive community helped me overcome obstacles and chart a clear path to success.


Attending the workshop was a transformative experience. The skilled facilitators provided practical tools for self-discovery and growth. I now approach challenges with resilience and a positive mindset

Stay at Home Mum

The Ignite Workshop exceeded my expectations. The diverse sessions equipped me with invaluable skills. I left feeling inspired, empowered, and with a tangible plan for my future. An investment well worth it!

Business Leader

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